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Full Stack web developer

About me

Literary highschool diploma


Highschool Val de Garonne, Marmande

Pass : 60-70%

Dream : open my own publishing house

Illustration Léa Londero Bulle livre Bulle feuille et crayon
Illustration Léa Londero Bulle ordinateur Bulle balise html

University degree in technology : Multimedia and Internet Technologies


UIT of Angoulême

Specialization : web development

Dream : open my own web agency

Professional degree Internet professions: Web applications


La Rochelle University

Specialization : Full stack web developer

A dream come true...

My skills

My creations

My websites

Hippopoweb, agence web La Rochelle


Hippopoweb is a fictitious web agency created as part of my professional degree. It is a website developed in Next.js 13 (React) with an api in NestJS. A CI/CD has also been set up to facilitate the development and the production.

Krysalide, Transformation & Aménagement éco-responsables à partir de containers maritimes


Krysalide is an eco-responsible company that makes constructions from maritime containers. This website was developed in Wordpress for a real client as part of a tutored project in a professional degree with 3 other students.

Nohaw : une application web permettant de créer / bénéficier de services


A web application developed in PHP in a personal framework. Nohaw allows users to create / benefit from services stored in a database.

Un site web qui fait la promotion d'un livre intitulé Anastasia Grace

Anastasia Grace

This mobile site was developed as part of a front-end development project to get familiar with github, pug, and sass. It presents the novel that I am currently writing

La Maison Jungle : un site pour acheter des plantes

The Jungle House

A web application developed in React, through an openClassroom course, to buy plants.

AlphaCorp : un site web éducatif à destination des enfants de cours moyen


A web application made in PHP class to introduce the concept of MVC, CRUD and backoffice.

Un jeu de mémoire comme le jeu Simon avec plus de 4 cases

Memory Game

A memory game like the Simon game with more than 4 squares, developed in javascript.



A mastermind developed in javascript.

My infographics

Montage photo galaxie sur Photoshop
Galaxy photo montage
Affiche de recrutement d'un café
Poster for a fictional cafe
Logo de Senyer, joueur e-sport
Logo for an e-sport gamer
Logo pour l'entreprise fictive North Marina
Logo for a fictional company

My videos

Miniature court métrage L'Aventure

The Adventure

This short film is a mise en abyme which represents two opposite facets of myself realized for an art project.

Miniature court métrage Le Miroir

The Mirror

This short film is an art project in pairs, we had to create a complex image. We then used the video to play with the reflection of the mirror.

Miniature CV vidéo

CV Video

A motion design video CV made in English using After Effects software. I also used Illustrator and Photoshop for the illustrations in the video.

Miniature CV vidéo


Here is the first episode of Murphy, a series produced in audiovisual. Murphy is the story of five friends who meet at a party and talk about their worst student problems.

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